Specialty Gourmet Foods from the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest region of the United States produces a rich harvest of delicious food products. For nearly thirty years we have searched the region from the smallest farm communities to our largest cities and now are pleased to offer you some of our premium finds. In this section of the Pacific Northwest Shop you will find BBQ Sauce, Walla Walla Sweet Onion Mustard, sauces, rubs and assorted other foods from the Pacific Northwest.

  • Pastas & Soup Mixes

    Pastas & Soup Mixes

    We have an excellent variety of gourmet soups, traditionally cut pastas, and other savory goods made here in the Pacific Northwest! Our exclusive soup mixes, featuring local illustrations, are the perfect gift for someone who needs a little taste of Washington.

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  • Specialty Chocolate and Candy

    Specialty Chocolate and Candy

    The Pacific Northwest region has a large number of specialty chocolatiers and candy makers. We sell Almond Roca, Brigittine Monk's Fudge, Seattle Chocolates, and an assortment of gourmet confections such as lemon meringue pie candies, Aplets and Cotlets, and delicious Dark and Milk Chocolate Wine Truffles.

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  • Jams & Jellies

    Jams & Jellies

    For over thirty years the Pacific Northwest Shop has searched the region for the best jam and jelly spreads. These are some our best finds.

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  • Honey & Spreads

    Honey & Spreads

    This is a selection of our honey and nut butter items.

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  • Baking Mixes

    Baking Mixes

    We've searched long and far to find a selection of the best baking mixes from our corner of America. We invite you to enjoy these delicious products with your friends and family.

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  • Rubs, Seasonings and Oils

    Rubs, Seasonings and Oils

    Liven up any of your meals with some great grilling rubs and seasonings made in the U.S.A. This is our selection from the Pacific Northwest.

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  • Mustard, Dips, and Sauces

    Mustard, Dips, and Sauces

    Among our best selling products are the wonderful mustard products made locally. We recommend any of them as a delicious addition to potato salad, deviled eggs, crab cakes, salmon, tuna fritters. They're also great for pretzel dunk or as a spread on your favorite sandwich Liven up any of your meals with some great salsa and sauces. Good for grilling and marinating meat and vegetables.

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  • Syrups & Dessert Toppings
  • Snacks & Cookies

    Snacks & Cookies

    The Pacific Northwest region of the USA produces a great variety of healthy food products. In this section of the Pacific Northwest Shop you will find our selection of healthy snacks and all natural energy bars.

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